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When I was on Twitter today, I came across an article on HuffPost Travel written by Hemal Jhaveri titled, “Why Every Woman Should Travel Alone (At Least Once in Her Life).”  Since I have been traveling solo since last May, I was, of course, attracted to this article (for her link to her article, please click on my Twitter feed at the bottom right of this blog, which I Retweeted).  Upon reading, I agreed with every single thing the author wrote about why one should travel alone, especially the following:

“Most importantly, travel alone and you will
discover that you are a total badass.”

My solo trip to Turkey was THE single greatest experience I have had in my entire life.  The funny thing is, I never, ever considered going anywhere abroad by myself before.  It was truly a happy accident, with a help of a friend.  Of course, a little bit of fear was involved.  What woman in her right mind would go to a Muslim nation by herself?  This was the thought on many people’s minds when I mentioned that I was traveling to Turkey by myself.  Luckily, I had the advice of my then Italian instructor who lived in Turkey for a few years.  He is a full-blooded Italian who is fluent in English, Italian, and Turkish (and probably Spanish), and I trusted him completely.  With his trust I never thought about the dangers of solo travel, especially the thoughts of average American minds who think that traveling to “that part of the world” would be dangerous.  The fear of the unknown, traveling to an exotic locale in which I knew absolutely nothing about, taking a risk, and trying something new (with a little fear mixed in) turned out to be so intoxicating that it changed my life forever.  I became a travel addict right then and there.  The feeling of complete freedom and being completely self reliant does something to your soul and self esteem that I cannot adequately put in words.  It is like ecstasy, victory, success, triumph, and exhilaration all combined into one.  In other words, as the above mentioned author, Hemal Jhaveri, states in her article, your inner badass shines when you travel alone.  Yes, I am a badass(!), and I encourage and challenge everyone to try being one at least
once in their lives.  Go ahead–I dare you!

It’s a not a peace sign…it means Victory.
Victory for taking the risk and arriving at
my bucket list destination.


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