Fast Forward to Seoul

I just came back from Seoul five days ago.  I realize that I haven’t updated my blog on Morocco except for one post on Rabat, but I can’t help it if I’ve been traveling so damn much that I can’t keep up.  Right after I returned from Morocco I went to San Diego four days later.  Then I flew to Seoul 12 days later.  Of course, in between I had to work, and it was crazy busy.  My head is still spinning right now as I can’t believe I have been on three different continents with four different time zones all within 30 days! And if I had to do it all over again, I would absolutely jump for joy to repeat my recent travel life.  

I decided that I would update my Moroccan adventures after I finish writing about Seoul.  My blog won’t be written in the order of my travel schedule but then again, life is not always about perfection and order.  Sometimes you have to relinquish control and just let go…

Now, about Seoul…the flight from O’Hare was about 14 hours non stop on Korean Air.  At least I didn’t have a connecting flight.  One of these days, I swear, I will fly first class on an international flight.  But until my wanderlust subsides, and when I can travel once in a while instead of at least three international flights per year, I will have to stick with economy fares.  Anyway, my flight was unpleasant because there were three kids in front of me.  Why they had to cry and throw temper tantrums throughout most of the flight, I do not know.  I was just glad I arrived in Seoul in one piece.  I then had to take a bus from the airport which led straight to my hotel.  That took welll over an hour.  When I checked into the hotel, I was greeted with a very pleasant English-speaking Korean woman so I was thankful.  After unpacking I went to have my very first Korean dinner nearby, and I was surprised that they couldn’t understand my Korean.  They didn’t have an English menu, and I was fearful that I would have meat or pork in my dish as the Koreans are very big into beef and pork.   After a very frustrating experience of trying to order and communicate, I somehow managed.  I felt very lonely, though, as I was the only solo diner in the whole restaurant.  This happens to me often.  Not the lonely part but the solo dining part.   But my family would join me four days later so I was looking forward to having some alone time in Seoul before they would arrive.  Thank goodness the hotel was so conveniently located in the heart of what’s called Times Square.  I returned to my hotel as sheer exhaustion took over me, and as I fell asleep I had to remind myself that I was born in Seoul.  Yes, a note to myself:  I am Korean!

Seoul arrival on 4/15/14.

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