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I can’t believe it…I will finally fly to Morocco tomorrow!  I really can’t believe that I’m going still.  Some things in life seem surreal, and this is one of those moments.  I’m not exactly sure how I got so lucky.  All I know is that I’m trusting a woman (we only went out 4 or 5 times) to host me and plan my entire trip.   Although I did buy a Moroccan travel guidebook, I decided to almost completely ignore it since my native friend will do all the planning.  I know it might seem strange but I completely trust that I will have a great adventure.  When I mention this to my work colleagues as well as random people I strike up a conversation with, they think I’m kind of crazy for staying with and trusting an almost complete stranger.   Perhaps I’m a little crazy but it’s a good kind of crazy.  It’s just that I can’t pass up a travel adventure!  To add to my “craziness,” the brother of the woman I’m staying with (he lives in Chicago) asked me some time ago if I had room in my luggage.  Sure, I said.  He asked me if I would take some type of massage padding for a chair which is a present for his dad.  Ok.  Well, the next thing I know, when I saw the size of it, I got a little upset.  The thing is much bigger and heavier than I thought.  In fact, it doesn’t even fit in my usual large luggage.  Damn.  I felt like the guy tricked me into taking it because now, I must pay $100.00 for the extra baggage fee.  I struggled for a week on what to do, along with the reasons why this problem was presented to me as I never, ever, before took more than the one allowed baggage.  I didn’t want to tell the guy that I couldn’t take it, especially because he introduced me to his sister who will be hosting me.  So after assuming that I would find a box large enough at work to bring home, I had no luck.  I would have to go buy a box at Staples or some office supply store.  But then in my head I pictured myself struggling to maneuver the damn box at the train station when I would have to take the stairs, along with my large luggage, my purse, and another carry on bag.  I tried to stuff the chair padding in my smaller luggage thinking it would just be easier to take since it has wheels, but the damn thing wouldn’t fit, either.  Then I remembered the luggage I took to Turkey which I decided to throw away at some point but which I was currently using as a storage unit.  Yes.  It fit perfectly!  After this success I felt like a light bulb went on inside my head.  A year ago when I was coming back from Rome, my luggage was over the weight limit so I had to open my luggage and unpack a few things to put in my carry on bag.  I was embarrassed then as my underwear and bras were on top where others saw them as I was hurriedly unpacking and repacking my bag by the sidelines.  I bought too many souvenirs in Rome, especially books, which weighed too much, bringing me over the 50 lb. weight limit guidelines.  So my lightbulb moment was the fact that now I have plenty of room in my extra luggage to bring back souvenirs as I intend to shop ’til I drop!  And since I was going to throw away the luggage, I can leave it in Morocco if I end up not buying enough to warrant an extra luggage as well as the extra fee.  There. Problem solved. 

As I spent today doing last minute errands for my Morocco trip, I ended up in a travel store.  They didn’t have what I really came to get–a travel scale–but I did buy a new adapter and some luggage tags.  And I finally bought my first airplane pillow in the shape of a watermelon which immediately makes me happy and smile!  Truth be told  that the salesman was from…Morocco. 

I am getting ready for bed now and I’m looking outside my window with a gorgeous full moon shining down on me.  I will sleep well, for sure.  A new adventure is waiting for me in the morning…

Sleeping on the plane will be more FUN
with this watermelon pillow!

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