So I’m going back East, closer to the country that I was born in.  I will also encounter Buddhist monks which will remind me of my childhood when I had to go with my parents to the Buddhist temple every Sunday. I am reminded of the following flashback of memory…I must have been about six years old.  I followed my mom into a temple.  She was catching up with another adult and I decided to roam around the building on my own. There was a room with tall Buddhas that were erect like columns almost. The room was somewhat smoky from all the incense.  I wasn’t used to standing Buddhas as in the temples where the monks give their sermons, the Buddhas were all usually seated Buddhas.  I was very intrigued.  I decided to stand on my tiptoes and touch the dot on the forehead of one certain Buddha as I couldn’t resist how the dot was so sparkly.  And then something happened that scared the hell out of my little girl self.  The dot fell off the Buddha’s forehead and fell to the ground!  I was scared shitless and thought I was cursed for life.  Forever.  I bolted out of the room so fast that I can see smoke behind me now, just like in the cartoons.  Of course, I behaved like a perfect little angel when I found my mom. 

I always wanted to tell this story to a monk, to confess, so to speak.  My opportunity might come soon enough in March as I just paid my fee for a volunteer vacation that takes place in Cambodia.  I will be putting together wheelchairs and handing some out to the children, as well as some monks, who were maimed with the land mines left over from the war.  I am in fear, however, that I will cry when I see the children with no legs or feet.  I don’t know until it happens if I will break down or not.  I’m kind of scared about this but I know without a doubt that I will be SO fulfilled!  I will also teach English to them, a thought that makes me smile with pride.  To top off all this amazing high that I will certainly gain, I will get to visit the temples of Angkor Wat!  Whoa.  I can’t believe this is happening so soon.  I never planned this as I thought I was going to Morocco.  But when I accidentally saw the GlobeAware program on the internet (I assume I was searching for travel?), I took action as my heartstrings were pulled…very forcefully, by the way.  It’s a week-long program, and I’m ecstatic beyond belief!     

And guess what?  I’m thinking of going to Thailand for two or three days since it’s so close.  Actually, I’m doing it!  And guess another what?  I’m thinking of going to Vietnam since it’s so close, too!  I’m not sure yet if this will happen, though, as I have to look into the logistics.  I must do some research… 

How will I ever fall asleep now after writing this and being so excited?  I wish to dream of a Buddhist monk, dressed in an orange robe, blessing me near the Temples of Angkor Wat…

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