Bucket or F*ck It List?

I am not feeling well for a second day in a row, and I did not go to work today.  When you’re at home with only the four walls (well, 3 walls plus an amazing view of the lake!) and the whole world is at work, you begin to feel a bit lonely and tuned out.  I am a big thinker (a curse) as well as an energetic person, but on the days that I don’t feel like myself, I am reduced from a Type A personality to a low-level Type C.  All I have today are my thoughts.  I am a person who questions everything, and today, I’m questioning the validity of my own Bucket List. 

As I started this list some 7 or 8 years ago, I wonder how much of my ego is involved.  I mean, do I REALLY care about going to Fashion Week, the Grammy’s, and the Oscar’s?  Not really.  Don’t get me wrong, if someone asked me to go to these, I would, of course.  But I’m hyper focused lately on TRAVEL and putting them in the order of importance before my time runs out.  Perhaps it’s because I don’t feel well today but I realize how fragile life is.  Things change and happen in an instant, and, perhaps, I’m more inclined to think about mortality as just the other day, a friend said to me, “I don’t think people understand that they’re GOING TO DIE.”  Yes.  It’s too traumatic for our brains to accept our mortality.  Death seems only to be an outside concept, and that it won’t ever touch us.  When I express my thoughts of mortality to others, people think I’m being morbid.   I assure you that I am not.  I try to remind myself every day that when things are bad or I’m having a shitty day, that it will pass.  EVERYTHING is temporary.  And when I’m experiencing complete ecstasy, I remind myself that I only have that given moment, and then… that exquisite moment will soon be gone.  This makes me really, truly, savor every moment of my life!  

So as I’m low on energy today, I can only think of revising my Bucket List to the top 10 that’s on my mind today and at this moment.  I will pare down my 101 To Do’s (especially the ones where my ego is involved) and will update later on this blog.

For now, here is my Top 10:

   1.  Travel to Machu Picchu
   2.  Travel to Petra
   3.  Travel to Cambodia to see the Temples of Angkor Wat
   4.  Travel to Africa to experience a safari
   5.  Wash an elephant (probably in Thailand)
   6.  Travel to Egypt to see the Great Pyramids of Giza
   7.  Travel to Morocco
   8.  Travel to The Tiger’s Nest
   9.  Travel to photograph the Banaue Rice Terraces
  10. Touch all 7 continents

There.  It’s a start of paring down my list to what’s really, really important.  Life is short.  I am off to do more research on my travels…

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I took a solo trip to Turkey that changed me. Wanderlust was ignited as well as a passion for photography. I want to keep traveling and discovering our world.
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