When I woke up this morning, I remembered terrible, stressful dreams from the night before.  I knew it’s because I didn’t want to leave Italy as it’s my last day here.  I woke up terribly sad, as I often do when I leave a place, and when I was taking a shower, I broke down and cried.  Unexpectedly, I’m crying now.  Sobbing, really.  I know.  I know you either think I’m making this up or exaggerating.  I swear that I am not.  If you are afflicted with WanderLust, as I am, then you should understand how and what I am feeling.  I feel the depths of sadness like you do when you break up with someone that you passionately love…THIS is how much I love to travel.  So while I was crying in the shower, I decided that I would spend my last day in Rome by going to the Trevi Fountain to toss a coin in it.  Legend has it that if one throws a coin into the fountain, one is ensured of coming back to Rome! 

So when I walked out of the hotel, the weather was perfect for taking pictures.  Finally, I thought, as every single day it has been raining in Rome and Florence.  I also decided that I would NOT visit any museums today.  I wanted to experience what Italians call “Il Dolce Far Niente.”  Basically, it means “the sweetness of doing nothing.”  Well, after my hurried week of going from museum to museum (I’m not complaining here), I thought today would be the best day, as its Sunday, to do nothing but eat, stroll, eat, stroll a little more, eat, eat gelato, eat, and take some pictures, especially in the sun.  When I saw the Trevi in the sunlight, the vision was heavenly.  Of course, I wanted a picture with me in it so I approached a couple of guys standing near me to inquire.  We started talking, and they were here from Brazil with their sister and their mother.  When I told them, of course, that I would LOVE to visit their country, one of the guys started writing down a long list of places that I should look up and visit.  I could absolutely tell that he had WanderLust.  His brother confirmed it.  So the three of us talked about travel for a long time, and I was so lucky to take a picture with them for some great memories as you will see at the end of this posting. 

I will just end with the above snippet from my amazing day.  I assure you that my last day in Rome was sublime.  It was spectacular!  However, instead of writing the details and having you read about it, I would rather encourage all you readers, especially the ones who are more “armchair” travelers, to go out there in this amazing world and experience travel for yourselves.  The things that happen sometimes while just doing nothing in different places of the world are sometimes the best experiences you will have.  Talking to and meeting strangers in different lands who come from different cultures/backgrounds are one of the highlights of travel.  Your mind opens up to new and wonderful things that you never thought possible.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you must travel more to experience this.  If you DO know what I’m talking about, then… we are connected.  Our passion for travel is…Amore.

Hello, Brazil! I hope to see you soon!

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I took a solo trip to Turkey that changed me. Wanderlust was ignited as well as a passion for photography. I want to keep traveling and discovering our world.
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