8 Days to Toronto

There are only eight days left in the year, and I intend to “go out with a bang,” so to speak.  As I’m so thankful that I will be ending the last day of this year with a flight to Toronto, I’m thinking about the other Bucket List items I can possibly check off.  I started reading Dante again, and I’m so glad I’m in PARADISE as I feel like it parallels how I feel about life lately, especially in the past six months.  Of course, reading Dante makes me think about Italy and how I, perhaps, should go there in the Spring for my birthday and forget about Morocco.  Besides, I can check off many items on my Bucket List if and when I travel to Italy.  But I guess for now, I will concentrate on the upcoming Toronto trip instead of getting too far ahead of myself like I usually do when it comes to travel.

After walking home from a day full of food, friends, shopping, and fun, I wondered if Toronto could be more beautiful than Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, especially during this time of year where the abundant lights give a feeling of celestial bliss.  I honestly doubt it, but I look forward to discovering Toronto’s own beauty.     

Chicago’s Magnificent Mile

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